Braces And Their Functions

One of the most convenient ways to straighten or move back your teeth is to get braces. Aside from improving the aesthetic characteristics of your smile, braces also help you look after your dental health in a better way. Straightened teeth are easy to clean, and they allow you to chew your foods properly.

Braces put pressure on your teeth to move them in the desired position. This pressure prompts some changes in the jawbone, making the readjustment of teeth possible.

Who has to wear braces and when?

The best time to get braces is childhood after the eruption of permanent teeth. However, adults can also get orthodontic treatment. The fact of the matter is that many of them are having it. Age is not a significant point of concern when it comes to healthy teeth and gums.

The most fundamental requirement for starting this treatment is the good health of your oral cavity. Patients who have advanced gum disease are not the right candidates for this treatment. You can discuss with your orthodontist whether or not you are eligible for getting braces.

Why might you need braces?

There are plenty of reasons for you to consider undergoing orthodontic treatment. Some of those reasons are the following.

  • Crooked and overcrowded teeth
  • Too much or not enough spacing between your teeth
  • Upper teeth sticking out too much
  • Lower teeth biting too far behind the upper teeth
  • Upper teeth biting behind the lower teeth
  • The appearance of your smile

How is it to wear braces?

While most braces consist of metals, some may use ceramic or plastic. Orthodontists make sure that the braces you get are comfortable. However, they might make your mouth feel sore. Since braces move your teeth, they may feel a bit tender. The good thing is that these issues do not last long. They can happen when your treatment starts and subside over time.

At first, these braces may feel large in your mouth. Nonetheless, your mouth will adapt to them as your teeth move. They will remain on your teeth until you get the desired dental alignment.

Duration of the treatment

The duration of the treatment that involves braces depends on the misalignment. This duration may range from a few months to a few years. Most people have these braces for one or two years.

During treatment, you will have to see your orthodontic team once every six to eight weeks. In most cases, your dentist will schedule your appointments. During each appointment, the orthodontist will check your braces and teeth and make adjustments to the brace if necessary.

Benefits beyond straightened teeth

Teeth-straightening is the signature benefit of getting braces. However, this process gives more than just the aesthetic advantage. With well-aligned teeth, taking care of your dental hygiene will be more convenient than ever. An awkward bite can cause problems in your jaws. Aligning your teeth can help you get rid of this problem too. A misaligned bite can cause problems while chewing. Braces will also solve this problem.